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ISO 45001 update – international ballot approved

The new international standard for occupational health and safety, ISO 45001 has just passed the crucial international ballot stage.

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The process of developing ISO 45001 has taken longer than originally forecast, due to the demand for amendments and redrafting. The international ballot approval means that the second version of the standard, DIS 2 ISO 45001, can now move to the publishing stage if it is agreed that a final draft standard (FDIS) is not required.

The ISO has indicated a February 2018 publication, but the latest developments could mean that the standard is ready by the final months of 2017. The ISO 45001 project committee will next convene in September, after which we can expect a more specific timeline to be announced.

ISO 45001 will be the first global Occupational Health and Safety standard and is set to replace the British-derived OHSAS 18001. The new standard will be based on ISO’s Annex SL framework for management systems, so it will seamlessly integrate with other popular standards such as ISO 9001.

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