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Celebrating Armed Forces Day

At ISOQAR, we are privileged to have many veterans among our team of Lead Auditors. Armed Forces Day is a time for us to recognise and honour them.

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Armed Forces Day is a time for us to recognise and honour the brave men and women who have dedicated their lives to protecting our nation. At ISOQAR, we are privileged to have many veterans among our team of Lead Auditors. Their unique skills, unwavering dedication, and invaluable experience significantly contribute to our commitment to excellence.

The strength of military experience

Military service instils qualities that are crucial in the field of auditing and certification. Discipline, attention to detail, leadership, and a profound understanding of standards are just a few of the attributes that our veteran Lead Auditors bring to the table.

These professionals have been trained to operate under high-pressure situations, make critical decisions swiftly, and adhere to strict protocols—skills that translate seamlessly into the meticulous nature of ISOQAR’s auditing processes.

The transition from military service to civilian careers can be challenging, but many veterans have found a new purpose at ISOQAR, applying their military-honed skills to ensure our clients meet the highest standards of quality and compliance.

Their stories

“I joined ISOQAR at the end of January, transitioning directly from a nearly 15-year career in the Military as a Network Engineer in the Royal Corps of Signals.

The discipline and standards ingrained in me during my time in the forces have made my transition to civilian life remarkably smooth. We’re trained to embrace new challenges and step up when needed, which has been invaluable in my current role.”

Meg Vella, Lead Auditor

“My military career has taken me to various corners of the world, where I’ve encountered diverse operational environments and challenges. These experiences have honed my adaptability, resilience, and problem-solving abilities, attributes that continue to serve me well in my role at ISOQAR.

It was during a Forces Transition Group career fair at the Air Museum near Salisbury that I chanced upon the exhilarating opportunity at ISOQAR. The prospect of leveraging my operational experience in a new and dynamic setting piqued my interest, leading me to embark on this rewarding journey with ISOQAR.”

David Hurworth, Lead Auditor

“I completed 24 years military service at the end of 2023 prior to beginning a new career with Alcumus as a lead auditor in the SW region.

With extensive experience spanning HR, finance and auditing I eventually finished my military career as a Visiting Warrant Officer (VWO); my role over 4 years saw me conduct internal and external audits of units to ensure compliance across several fields, specifically G1 management where I qualified as an ISO9001:2015 lead auditor during this period.”

Jenny Oliphant, Lead Auditor

“My main role within the Royal Marines for a large portion of my career, 13 years, was as a member of the Royal Marines Police Troop. Whilst this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, I must say it was some of the best years of my career. Throughout my time, I served in various war zones, conflicts and conducted operations around the globe, as well as partaking in a multitude of large scale exercises, especially in arduous conditions such as the Arctic, Jungle and Desert.

Whilst I loved my time and no longer a serving Royal Marine, its true what they say: “Once a Marine, Always a Marine.”

Stuart Lawley, Lead Auditor

What advice would you give to people in the armed forces transitioning into civilian job roles?

Meg – “For anyone transitioning from the Armed Forces, my advice is simple: Go for it! Embrace the change and don’t hesitate to reach out for help if you need it. Leaving something that has defined you for so long can be daunting, but the transition can lead to greener pastures if you allow it.”

David – “My advice to those currently in transition is to make the most of the resources available to you. Attend career fairs, networking events, and workshops that can provide valuable insights and connections. These opportunities can open doors to new possibilities and avenues for employment. It’s crucial to take stock of your strengths and the skills you’ve acquired during your service in the military.”

Jenny – “Many people doubt themselves when they enter resettlement – I did too but you will be surprised how much you as an individual have to offer, even with little experience in industry.”

Stuart – “If anyone is transitioning from the Armed Forces, please feel free to reach out and I’m more than happy to offer any advice.”

Join our team!

At ISOQAR, we are incredibly proud of our Lead Auditors and are eager to welcome more military professionals into our team. The skills and experiences they bring are invaluable, and their dedication to excellence helps us maintain the highest standards in our industry.

If you’re from a military background, considering a new career path, we encourage you to explore the opportunities available at ISOQAR. Your next rewarding journey could be just a step away.

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