ISO 20000 Implementation

Familiarize yourself with ISO 20000; Plan everything out for implementation; Identify responsibilities, policies, and objectives.

Once you decide to implement ISO 20000, the first step is to learn about its best practice recommendations and compare these to your existing processes. This will help you identify any gaps or weaknesses in your current IT service management system and give practical advice on how to improve.

The next step is to plan how to introduce the key principles of IT service management into your organisation. Update or renew your processes according to the guidelines set out in the ISO 20000 standard, then communicate the changes internally. If you need extra support during this stage, a consultant will be able to advise you and provide you with a gap analysis pre-assessment to make sure you’re ready for certification.

Once you and your consultant are satisfied that your IT service management processes align with the principles set out in the standard, it’s time to book your certification.

We will complete a full audit of your IT service management. If they meet the requirements of ISO 20000, we will then issue you with certification.

Make sure your certificate is UKAS accredited

Not all certificates are equal. You need to make sure your certificate is issued by a body that has been accredited by the government-recognised United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS).

A UKAS accredited certification body like ISOQAR undergoes regular rigorous inspections by UKAS to check we are operating to the highest standards.

This means that when you hold a certificate from a UKAS accredited body, you can be sure it’s more meaningful. Certificates that are issued by bodies which are not UKAS accredited are often not accepted.

UKAS accredited certificates are accepted across the world as evidence that you meet global standards of best practice.

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