ISO/IEC 42001:2023
Artificial Intelligence Management System

ISO/IEC 42001 is the world’s first AI management system standard, providing valuable guidance for this rapidly changing field of technology.

Curious about ISO 42001? This standard offers a certifiable framework tailored for the growing landscape of AI adoption.

It’s designed to support the development of AI products within a responsible ecosystem, ensuring both businesses and society reap the full benefits of AI while maintaining stakeholder confidence through transparency and trust.

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Who can benefit from BS ISO/IEC 42001 - Artificial intelligence management system? ​

It’s a valuable resource for governments, academia, and businesses worldwide involved in AI development and deployment across various sectors.

From IT and telecommunications to retail, healthcare, manufacturing, and automotive industries, this standard addresses the diverse needs of AI stakeholders.

Identifying Organisational Roles in Relation to ISO 42001

To understand the organisation and its context, it can be helpful for the organisation to determine its role relative to the AI system. These roles can include, but are not limited to, one or more of the following:
  • AI providers, including AI platform providers, AI product or service providers


  • AI producers, including AI developers, AI designers, AI operators, AI testers and evaluators, AI deployers, AI human factor professionals, domain experts, AI impact assessors, procurers, AI governance and oversight professionals


  • AI customers, including AI users


  • AI partners, including AI system integrators and data providers


  • AI subjects, including data subjects and other subjects


  • Relevant authorities, including policymakers and regulators