ISO 9001: Your Competitive Edge

The international marketplace demands quality and excellence as standard. To succeed and prosper, it’s essential that organisations can give the quality assurance that customers expect. ISO 9001, the internationally recognised standard for quality management, provides that assurance. A distinctive competitive advantage In today’s markets, customers, partners, and stakeholders are discerning, with high expectations. With more […]

World Quality Week 2023: Achieving Excellence with ISO 9001 Certification

In 2023, it’s a time not only to celebrate the pursuit of quality but also to recognise the power of ISO 9001 certification in achieving excellence. ISO 9001 is more than a set of standards; it’s a pathway to quality-driven success. So, what is ISO 9001? ISO 9001 is a globally recognised standard for quality management. It […]

Quality Conscience: Doing the right thing with ISO 9001

An organisation that delivers outstanding outcomes for customers and stakeholders is at the heart of ISO 9001. A globally recognised standard for quality management, it helps introduce policies, processes, and procedures to provide products and services that meet both regulatory and customer needs. With powerful principles such as customer focus, people engagement and evidence-based decision making, […]

What documents are required for ISO 9001?

If you’ve not yet developed your Quality Management System, or you’ve thought about implementing one and been put off by the idea that you basically need to put everything in writing and keep it in neatly organised files, you may want to think again. The idea that you need folders full of documented procedures that […]

What is ISO 9001?

Once your Quality Management System (QMS) is audited for conformance to the ISO 9001 standard, you’re issued a certificate that demonstrates you’re compliant. It’s an indication that you’re a trustworthy organisation which aims to meet and exceed the needs of customers by providing high quality products and services. It’s one of the best routes to […]

Transitioning Careers: From the Armed Forces to Auditing

Can you tell us a bit about yourself? I’ve spent what feels like a lifetime in engineering across various sectors, but the majority being with the British Army. After leaving the army, I worked as an engineer within the food industry at various levels for businesses including Morrisons and Vale of Mowbray. So you were […]

ISO 45001 update – international ballot approved

The process of developing ISO 45001 has taken longer than originally forecast, due to the demand for amendments and redrafting. The international ballot approval means that the second version of the standard, DIS 2 ISO 45001, can now move to the publishing stage if it is agreed that a final draft standard (FDIS) is not required. The […]

Quality Objectives and ISO 9001

If the Quality Policy is the document in the organisation that sets out the overall intention and direction of the organisation with regards to quality, then the quality objectives can be seen as the milestones that steer the organisation in the right direction. But why are quality objectives so important? As an auditor, it’s always […]

What is ISO certification?

Those of us working in the certification industry sometimes forget that the outside world doesn’t have a clue what we’re talking about. So, if you don’t know anything about ISO standards, management systems or UKAS accredited certification, read on. What are ISO standards? Generally speaking, an ISO standard is a document created by a panel […]

Top ISO 9001 Management System Non-conformities: Avoid these common pitfalls

Alcumus ISOQAR conducts thousands of ISO 9001 audits every year. As the Head of Technical at Alcumus ISOQAR, where we review reports from our Auditors who have visited all sorts of businesses, I get to see exactly what’s going on at the ground level. What I see is the same nonconformities cropping up time and […]

Dare to Err

The concept of continuous improvement is present in all modern management standards. But why do so many organisations not learn from their errors? The ISO 9001 Quality Management standard says this: “When a nonconformity occurs, including those arising from complaints, the organisation must react to the nonconformity, and as applicable: There can be many reasons for not reacting […]

The importance of ISO certification in the construction sector

Did you know that there are more than one thousand ISO standards and related documents for the construction industry? These ISO standards are a demonstration of the conformity of materials and processes to international standards, so that buyers and end users can have confidence in what they are procuring. They cover everything from concrete to […]

Top 10 Steps to Successfully Implementing ISO 9001

The benefits of adopting a Quality Management System (QMS) that conforms to ISO 9001 can be transformational in strengthening your organisation. Alcumus ISOQAR consistently observes that companies working to ISO 9001 experience increased efficiency and productivity; a reduction in errors and resource waste; higher quality products and services; increased customer satisfaction and stronger sales. All of which […]

How to manage your way out of lockdown

The target date for all Covid-related restrictions to be lifted In England is 21 June if everything goes to plan. The dates for the other home nations are less specific. Many businesses made a swift transition in March 2020 to home working (or ‘remote working’ as it’s often called, or even ‘telecommuting’ if you want […]

ISO 9001 – The customer is king

“When a customer enters my store, forget me. He is king.” So said John Wanamaker, American merchant and pioneer in marketing more than 140 years ago. I’m sure he wasn’t the first person in business to acknowledge that the customer comes first, but few have expressed it so powerfully. It’s self-evident that if you produce […]

Love is…an ISO 9001 Quality Management System

ISO 9001 makes your business more successful because everyone who works within a quality workplace is happier. Why are they happier? Here are just three reasons. You’ll be richer – and more attractive Yes, really. You’ll be richer. The overriding reason to get ISO 9001 certified is to win more business. In a world that’s more competitive […]

Adhering to data protection legislation with BS 10012:2017

Let’s remind ourselves of the situation regarding data protection in the UK. First up is the flavour-of-the-month General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). This is an EU regulation and directly applies to all European Union member states, including the UK, at least until Brexit (and almost certainly beyond). Second, running in parallel with this, is the UK’s new Data […]