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Committed to upholding the highest standards.

All ISOISO 900127001

Based in the North West, Perch Group, takes a different approach to resolving debt, responsibly. To keep it simple for both clients and customers, they provide market-leading, data-led services across the whole debt lifecycle from debt purchase to debt resolution, reconnection and litigation.

They are a fast growing, ambitious firm with an experienced management team and have long-standing relationships. When it comes to unpicking complex portfolios and accounts, they make it their mission to get it sorted as quickly and fairly as possible. This allows clients to focus on their primary business and customers to move forward.

Simon Unsworth, Chief Risk & Customer Officer since 2018, says, “Gaining ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certification is an important step in Perch Group’s wider programme of work to demonstrate we are committed to upholding the highest standards. These standards offer the best practice for the benefit of the thousands of customers we deal with and help, clients we serve, and regulators we are accountable to. As an ambitious, fast-growing firm, we are particularly proud of Alcumus ISOQAR’s recognition of our mature management system supported by a culture of continual improvement and enthusiasm at all levels.”

Perch Group have achieved a significant amount in recent years, going through a period of rapid growth and change. Winning the Credit Services Association’s (CSA) ‘Team of the Year’ Award in 2021, the Investors in Customers (IIC) Silver Award and completing a MBO and generating significant investment in 2022, and now achieving ISO accreditation in 2023; whilst also writing off over £100m of consumer debt in the last year in order to ensure good customer outcomes, to name a few. Simon says, ‘this demonstrates that we can grow a successful business while taking a compassionate, customer focused and common-sense approach to the accounts and people we deal with.”

“These achievements have been reached through hard work, a positive continuous improvement and customer-centric culture, and constant investment in and developing of our people, processes, systems, controls, and use of data.”

Any advice for those going through the certification process?

“ISO certification should not be a ‘tick box’ exercise, it needs to be tailored to the needs of your business, employees and, most importantly, customers. As a regulated firm in a complex sector, we aim to go above and beyond industry standards and compliance to offer the best possible service, especially to the vulnerable people we deal with.

This means that we had to go into the certification process with high expectations, leaving no stone unturned to make sure we were laying the right foundations for the future. The fact that we had a lot of the governance and core elements in place really helped and our Compliance Manager Jan Holmes and Head of IT Chris Naylor did a brilliant job of managing the project.”

If you are ready to start your certification journey, ISOQAR can give you a free no obligation quote.

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