Buyer beware: Why it has to be UKAS

Many businesses get ISO certified only to regret it. Why? Because they got certified by a certification body that wasn’t UKAS accredited. Many organisations enter onto their ISO certification journey with just a little knowledge of what ISO certification is but with big hopes that it will open doors otherwise closed to them, for example […]

Transferring to a new ISO certification body? Don’t forget these key points

Make sure they are UKAS accredited The low cost, quick and easy, one stop shop approach of unaccredited certification bodies offering an off the shelf solution including consultation and certification may sound appealing. But it could prove to be a very poor decision if the certificate you end up with does not unlock the opportunities […]

What is an Integrated Management System?

An Integrated Management System (IMS) is a framework for combining multiple ISO management systems into one rather than running parallel systems. The goal of an IMS is to improve overall organisational performance. By aligning and coordinating the different management systems, you eliminate duplication. It saves you time and money. This is all possible because ISO […]

Quality: A State Of Mind

What makes it even more difficult for businesses to negotiate an economic downturn these days is the fact leaders are now required to do so much more than simply make money for their stakeholders. Increasingly, you’re expected to be custodians of the environment, take responsibility for employees’ mental health, and generally measure up to ever […]

Life at Alcumus: A career story of progression and impact

Can you tell us a bit about yourself? I’ve been with Alcumus for over five and a half years, I started as a Client Services Manager in 2018, progressing onto Client Operations Manager in 2021 and then into Head of Strategic Planning in 2022. I’ve been involved in many projects over the years, from Academy […]