Notes on Coronavirus and Business Continuity Planning

When faced with a crisis, ‘Don’t Panic’ may seem like an inadequate response. But it’s an appropriate one. Not only does it emphasise a certain type of British sangfroid, it’s actually good advice. This certainly applies when looking at Business Continuity and especially an organisation’s response to COVID-19 (coronavirus). Careful planning and thinking things through will hopefully stop […]

How to manage your way out of lockdown

The target date for all Covid-related restrictions to be lifted In England is 21 June if everything goes to plan. The dates for the other home nations are less specific. Many businesses made a swift transition in March 2020 to home working (or ‘remote working’ as it’s often called, or even ‘telecommuting’ if you want […]

Why a Business Continuity Plan may not be enough

Under normal circumstances, if your business takes a downturn or fails, you’d take a look at yourself and the way you run things. You’d possibly conclude that it was your responsibility. Now we have something else to blame. An invisible enemy seemingly beyond our control. But is there something more you could have done to protect […]

An introduction to the ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management System

It was the first management system to be built around what was known at the time as Annex SL (subsequently renamed Annex L). This defines a format for how standards should be written by the International Organisation for Standardisation. So, since ISO 22301 was first published back in 2012, all new and revised ISO standards have […]