Connecting the UK: Giganet’s journey to ISO Certification

Being certified by a UKAS-approved auditing body is deemed to be the “gold standard”.


Giganet specialises in full fibre connectivity and telecoms for homes and businesses across the UK. Established in 2018 and formally launched in 2021, the company today reaches over nine million premises across the country. The company’s £250 million funding agreed in mid-2021 has enabled Giganet to build its own network and accelerate growth across CityFibre and Openreach’s Networks to support vast swathes of the UK.

With a vision to be the best ISP in the UK, known for best-in-class customer service and internet service delivery, Giganet is committed to building a better future by connecting the UK to reliable, future-proof full fibre, supported by expert and exemplary customer service, and clear and honest pricing.

We spoke with Lee Meek, Head of HSQE, about his experience of implementing ISO certification and why it was important for their business.

Why did you choose to get ISO certified?

We chose to be certified to show ourselves, our customers, clients and build partners that we have an Integrated Management System in place that works and best practices can be demonstrated throughout the business. Being certified by a UKAS-approved auditing body is deemed to be the “gold standard”.

What would you say has been your biggest achievement as a business?

Apart from achieving five ISO standards in one go, our biggest achievement has been the commitment from everyone in the business to work towards the standards, the consultation and buy-in from every member of staff has been amazing

Giganet has also successfully executed the rollout of our full fibre broadband network across the south. By investing in and deploying state-of-the-art fibre infrastructure, Giganet has played a pivotal role in bridging the UK’s digital divide bringing transformative connectivity and internet speeds to homes and businesses, revolutionising the way people access and utilise the internet.

And in contrast, what has been your most difficult challenge? How did you overcome that?

Convincing parts of the business that going for ISO certification is not a change from what they do on a day-to-day basis. Some were worried that processes would need to change, and additional policies written.

How did you overcome this?

We overcame this with excellent communication of our objectives throughout the business, showing and guiding everyone through the standards and internal ISO Project.

Why did you choose ISOQAR?

We went through a very detailed selection process when choosing our auditing body. ISOQAR impressed us with their professionalism and excellent communication from technical to auditor level. They understood the magnitude of what we wanted to achieve and their ability to work with us, to make changes at short notice when required, was a huge benefit.

Finally, any advice for those going through the certification process?

Treat the process as a project and have designated owners of the standards. Have realistic target dates and do not try to implement five standards at once unless you have a wealth of experience and a great team around you, all working towards the end goal. Have open and honest communication and try to develop a good relationship with the auditor(s).

If you are ready to start your certification journey, ISOQAR can give you a free no obligation quote.

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